Individual Tax Preparation

When it comes to filing your taxes, it can be a very stressful and personal activity.  We understand just how uncomfortable it can be.  Let us make the process easier on you!  We handle a wide range of needs and work with each client to make sure that they get the best outcome possible.

Partnership Tax Preparation

Partnership taxation can be one of the most complex areas of the tax code.  We have extensive experience working with some of the most complex partnerships around.  Choosing the wrong advisor can leave your business in shambles.

Corporate Tax Preparation

Both C and Sub S corporate tax preparation can bring complexities that require knowledge of the continuously changing tax laws.  Don't try to negotiate the waters of current tax law, when you can leave those worries with us!

Non-Profit & Charity Tax Preparation

Running a charitable organization is full of new duties, most of which come without pay.  We understand how much you have going on, so let us take care of the tax code for you.  Exempt entity tax returns can push 75+ pages.  We provide preparation fees at a price that works for your charitable organization's budget.

Tax Planning

For most people taxes are an afterthought.  We want our clients to feel comfortable calling us throughout their tax year, so that they can make those big business purchases with the most information.  We provide tax planning meetings to give a projection of where you are at and give you advice as to how you can be proactive to avoid paying more tax than necessary!