Our Clients & Industries



With a strong presence in Washington county, we have a long background with Agriculture and the various tax laws relating to the business of farming.  While there is no magic tax shelter for the farming industry, there are plenty of benefits that we will help you take advantage of.  Let us help you make sure that you aren't leaving  any money on the table!


Construction & Real Estate

There is plenty of room for error and lots of bad advice cycling around the construction industry.  Whether it is deciding to use completed contract method vs. percentage of completion method for revenue recognition or determining if your workers are employees vs. an independent contractor.  Don't leave your tax advice to a ten minute discussion with your general contractor!  Let us handle your tax and payroll needs so that you can keep doing what you're good at!



Whether you're dealing with multi state nexus issues or trying to decide if UNICAP applies to your business.  With cuts in state budgets, state tax nexus and apportionment of income can be ever more important.  Don't waste your time reading through hundreds of pages of nexus documents, let us assist you, and make sure that you're meeting all of your state reporting requirements.