About Us

Our History


After years in the public accounting realm, our founding partners decided it was time to form a CPA firm different than any they had ever worked for.  Founded on our core values, and created with the Client in mind, AllenMitchell is sure to suprise you.

Our Purpose


After years of seeing clients pay too much for services and employees who weren't empowered to take pride in the relationships they had built, we find purpose in making sure that both our clients, and our people can build fulfilling business relationships while keeping services affordable.

Our Future


While the sky is the limit, we made a promise to ourselves and our clients that we will never outgrow our current fee structure and the small town relaxed atmosphere that we were founded on.  While we may continue to grow locations, they will always continue to be built the AllenMitchell way!

Our Mission Statement

At AllenMitchell, our goal is to provide the top shelf service that you've come to expect at larger national and regional firms but in a more relaxed environment and at a price that won't break the bank.  We pride ourselves in taking care of our clients and providing an atmosphere that makes you want to stop by more than once a year.  Our founders' families were small business owners and farmers and we understand the value of a dollar and the impact it can make on the growth potential for our clients.  Now you can receive the service and advice you deserve for a price you'll feel satisfied with.

Core Values

Service (Helping You)

We will always remember the reason we started and the reason we're here is to help you, our clients.  We don't want you to feel like a number, a dollar sign or just another appointment.  You are our priority and making sure we contribute to your business is important to us!


While servicing our clients is important, we know that none of this is possible without the right people.  Taking care of our people and making sure they are treated fairly, paid appropriately and acheiving fulfillment financially and personally is vital to our business.  This defines what we are all about!


In relation to our first two values, integrity is the glue that holds everything together.  It is the utmost importance to us that we handle our client's business with integrity.